Child Protection

Regulatory Body

Courses run for young people by Beauville Arts are declared ‘Séjours de Vacances’ and fall under the remit of the ‘Direction Departementale de la Cohesion Social et de la Protection des Populations’ (DDCSPP – formerly Jeunesse et Sports).  Our ‘Code Organisateur’ is 047ORG0111.

Essentially this means that our activities, where they occur, how they are delivered, number of students, quotas of staff to students etc. are all declared to the ministry and we are open to inspection at any time.

Full details of all course staff are also provided in the declaration and thus their suitability to work with children verified by the ministry (CRB checks undertaken electronically).  This applies to all staff regardless of their role or nationality.

Both Directors of Beauville Arts hold French qualifications specific to working within this system (BAFA / BAFD) and are thus fully aware of all regulations applicable on French territory to the welfare of children in our care.  Close liaison with the DDCSPP ensures that we keep abreast of any change in legislation and are kept informed and advised of any action to be taken in the event of weather warnings /health epidemics etc.

Regulations stipulate that, aside from the Camp Director, we are required to have one staff member per 12 students.  At Beauville Arts we most commonly work on the basis of one staff member to every 6 – 8 students.


In line with DDSCPP regulations, swimming is only ever permitted in the presence of  a lifeguard. In addition, one member of staff must be present in the water for every 8 students swimming.

First Aid

Claire Mallalieu, Director of Beauville Arts is first aid qualified.   We further ensure that at least one of our activity coordinators is also qualified in first aid.   A first aid box is available to staff at all times and each treatment recorded in a logbook.  Accompanied visits to a local pharmacy or doctor will be arranged where considered necessary.  In the event of a doctor’s appointment being made, parents will be notified and kept fully informed.