Where do the students sleep?

In Beauville, students sleep in 8 or 12 berth dormitory tents with built-in bunk beds on our own private field at the village campsite. Each tent is assigned a staff member / activity coordinator who sleeps in the tent with the students.  Students need to bring a sleeping bag and pillow case.   Girls and boys occupy separate tents.

At Valbonne on the Côte d’Azur, students occupy single or twin room student accommodation onsite at the Centre International de Valbonne. Each room is equipped with a basin with shared WC & shower facilities  provided on each corridor.  All bedding is provided.  Activity coordinators occupy adjacent rooms and oversee the students at all times.

What if my child needs to use the bathroom or feels ill/homesick during the night?

Our activity coordinators are there to be woken up – they really don’t mind!  Any child wishing to use bathroom facilities will be accompanied by their activity coordinator.  At Beauville no child is allowed out of their tent alone.

Can my child be in the same tent /room as their friend / sibling?

Tents are single sex and grouped by age.  We will however do our maximum to accommodate such requests which must be made in advance.

At Valbonne twin rooms are reserved for younger participants in the first instance.  Older students will usually find themselves in single rooms.  All rooms are arranged on the same corridor.

When should students arrive?

Beauville – all students (residential and non-residential) should arrive at the campsite by 15.00 on the first day of the course.   Students requiring a transfer from Toulouse airport should land by mid-morning.  Thereafter hours for day-students are 09.00 to 18.30.

Valbonne – all students should arrive by 10.30 on the first day of the course.  Residential students requiring a transfer from Nice airport should aim to land at 09.00 / 09.30.  Arrival may be possible on the previous evening though please contact us prior to booking flights.  Thereafter hours for day students are 09.30 to 18.30.

What are the hours for non-residential students?

Following arrival day, rehearsal hours are:

Beauville:  09.00 – 18.30
Valbonne:  09.30 – 18.30 (though students can be dropped off from 08.30)

When do students leave?

Non-residential students leave with their parents following the show/concert.

Residential students can either leave with their parents after the show/concert or the following morning.  Those requiring station or airport transfers will leave the following morning.

How many students do you accept on each course?

Musical Theatre:  48
Rock Academy:    36
Commercial/Hip Hop Dance:  16
Songwriting/Studio Production:  8

How old do I have to be?

Musical Theatre:  Ages 8 to 18
Rock Academy:    Ages 13 to 19
Commercial/Hip Hop Dance:  Ages 12 to 20
Songwriting/Studio Production:  Ages 16+

What is the ratio of boys to girls?

Musical theatre: Boys will normally make up approximately one third of the cast.

Rock Academy: Usually 50/50

What is the ratio of Residential to Non-Residential students?

In Beauville the vast majority of students are residential.

In Valbonne approximately 25% of the cast are residential, the majority  being day students.

My child plays an instrument, should they bring it along?

Musical theatre:  No, we have a professional band and your child will be too busy singing, dancing and acting to play along!

Rock Academy:  Most definitely if transportable, though drum kits and amps are provided.   Please remember spare strings!  Please note that when not in use instruments are stored securely in the studio, not on the campsite.

My child wants to act and dance but not sing.  Is this possible?

Short answer:  No.   We work on an ‘everyone does everything’ basis and whilst we try to play to each individual’s strengths all students are expected to participate enthusiastically in every area of the production.

My child will be one of the younger ones, does this mean that he/she won’t get a big role?

Not at all.   For rehearsals the cast is divided into three ‘workshop’ groups based on age.   Different scenes will be played by different groups and within the groups roles swapped around.   There will thus be several students playing the same role within a show giving all students a chance to shine.  All students will have lines in the final performance.

What should they wear for the show?

A ‘What to bring’ list provided to participants will include clothing specific to the performance.

Will there be a DVD of the show/concert?

Musical theatre courses:  Yes, but not until the Autumn.  We will notify you once available.

Rock Academy:   All studio recordings are available for download from Soundcloud.  Short video clips of the concert are usually posted on YouTube and Vimeo and then shared on our Facebook page.

When do you announce your programme?

Our website is updated with the following years’ programme at the end of September.  Past students, and those on our mailing list, will be notified by email. We will also announce our courses on our Facebook page.

Can I pay by installments?

Of course, please contact us in order to set this up.

Can you recommend somewhere to stay for the weekend?

Click here for a suggestion of places to stay near Beauville.

To contact the Tourist office at Valbonne (Côte d’Azur):
Tel:  33 (0)4 93 12 34 50
Email:  office@tourisme-valbonne.com

Can I visit my child during the week?

This is not generally encouraged as we have a lot to get through. In exceptional circumstances visits can be accommodated though only outside of rehearsal times.

Can I phone /email my child?

Emails sent to Beauville Arts head office can be printed off and passed on to students.   Parents wishing to contact children by phone should call / text over lunch time (12.30 to 14.00).  Please note that there is very limited mobile phone reception at the campsite.   Parents wishing to speak to  children who do not possess a phone are invited to call the Beauville Arts mobile number during these hours. The number will be distributed to parents in advance of the course.

My child is taking medication – can it be kept safe / administered?

All students must provide a completed medical form upon which details of any medication to be taken must be noted and a doctor’s prescription attached. A nominated staff member with first aid qualifications will store and oversee the administration of any medication required by students.  Written parental authorisation must also be provided on the medical form for older students wishing to self-medicate.