Hip Hop and Commercial Dance

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Have you always wanted to dance like they do on TV?  Do you want to develop your technique in a range of commercial styles?  Hip Hop and Commercial Dance at Beauville Arts will give you everything you need to get there!

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Date 12 – 16 August 2019
Price 640€ one week, residential and 360€ for non-residential
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Location Beauville, France
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Age 12-20
What experience do I need? You can be a beginner in hip hop / commercial dance or an advanced student.  The choreographer will devise a completely original sequence for you and the other students.  Some experience of dance would be recommended, although most importantly you should be keen to learn new things!
Accommodation Dormitory camping in Beauville at Les-2-Lacs campsite.Arrive at Les-2- Lacs on Monday 12 August by 12.00. Either leave with your parents after the showcase on Friday 16, or students are invited to stay for the Saturday evening performances of fellow students on the Rock Academy and Song Writing Courses running concurrently.  Final Departure Sunday morning!
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What does it involve?

During the hip hop summer school week you will get training in a range of dance styles and techniques building towards a public performance on the Friday evening.  There is an intensive rehearsal schedule, so you must be prepared to work hard physically.   The sessions offer a range of hip hop based styles including house, aahehop, locking, popping, street, contemporary, breakdance and many more.

The workshops consist of an intense warm-up, basic technique in a particular style and specific choreography for the performance.  After a warmdown, you will get a chance to relax, discuss dance and share videos of performances.

If you are interested in dance you might also want to consider our musical theatre summer camps, which include lots of dance workshops and performance.

An end of course performance will be presented at 19.30 on Friday 16 August during the Night Market in Beauville.

It is possible for non-residential students to stay for dinner and evening activities by arrangement.  The camp is a truly international experience and participants come from many different countries.  During the week you will also get the chance to socialise and share workshops with musicians on the Advanced Songwriting and Studio Recording and Rock Academy courses.

Who will be running the dance & hip hop classes at the summer school ?

The course director is the world renowned Simeon Qsyea.  Simeon is a Choreographer and Artist based in London, who has worked with many artists including Pink, JLS and 50 cent as well as choreographing for the BBC hit show “So You Think You Can Dance!”


Other staff include a full time administrator/first aider and BAFA-qualified activity coordinators. BAFA is a French training programme that covers organising activities and  safeguarding the safety, security and well-being of young people.

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