Recording Studio

Our fully-equipped, digital recording studio is available for hire to individuals, groups and companies. We offer a friendly and professional environment for production, recording, composing and arranging.

There is an 80m2 live recording room as well as additional rehearsal space, a fully sound-proofed, air-conditioned control room, a sound-proofed and acoustically treated vocal booth and a fantastic relaxation and chill-out space.

The studio is has digital recording, editing and playback equipment. There is a wide range of recording media and a variety of recording methods and techniques on offer.

We have the facilities to record a wide range of musicians, from singer/songwriters who wish to record in a controlled studio environment to live rock and jazz recordings and classical groups, choirs and orchestras.

Our studio offers a wonderful environment in which to work. Set in the heart of a small French village, the peaceful surroundings make it an inspirational place to compose and create.

Meals and accommodation can also be provided upon request.

We encourage musicians, from beginners to professionals, to develop their music and be creative. As well as recording facilities, we can offer training and career advice.