Visitors to Beauville Arts may find the following links of interest:


Camping Les 2 Lacs, Beauville
Residential courses at Beauville are accommodated here.

Camping Les 2 Lacs is a spacious family campsite located on the edge of Beauville in a beautiful valley with 2 lakes on a 22 hectare estate.


Jack in the Box, Toulouse 

“We want to re-create a UK primary school classroom here in Toulouse, with strong emphasis on active learning. Children will learn to be discerning readers and to write in different styles to suit the purpose. The teaching will be differentiated to include all learners, and tasks and activities arranged with this in mind. The classes will include plenty of fun activities, including drama when children will learn to discuss and develop their ideas together. We never want the children to view it as ‘more boring school’. They’ll want to come to Jack In The Box!”