WHAT TO BRING                    

  • Sleeping Bag, pillow case (preferably square)
  • Socks and warm clothes for sleeping in
  • Torch
  • Warm Jumper/Fleece
  • Waterproof (i.e. Kagool or Kway)
  • Tennis or Dance Shoes
  • Comfortable stretchy clothes for dancing, no skirts.
  • Bag to keep lyrics etc.
  • Old ‘T’ Shirt for painting in
  • Towel and toiletries
  • Pocket Money for Tuck Shop.

Beauville Arts Hoodies will be available for sale at €25.


THE LION KING Black Leggings
Bright block coloured T-Shirt i.e.  Red, yellow, green etc. No logos
Plain All Black T-Shirt (to go over coloured T-shirt) No Logos/stripes etc.
Boys:  Demin Jeans, ideally blue (black ok), plain white or American style T-Shirt, black leather jacket (if possessed), sunglasses, comb.Girls:  Long flared skirt & short sleeved blouse 1950’s style, or 1950’s style dress, neck scarves, sunglasses, low pump/ballet style shoes or converse.
LEGALLY BLONDE  Boys:  ‘Preppy Style’ i.e. chinos, blazers, tank tops, shirt and tie, cricket or golf jumpers. Plus Suits if possessedGirls: ‘Preppy Style’ Lots of pink, headbands, neck scarves, sunglasses, small brightly coloured handbags (if possessed), above ankle stretch trousers (make sure you can dance in them) or skirts.    Please keep colours light and bright pastels (though any shade of pink will do!).  Smart work suits if possessed.