WHAT TO BRING – Côte d’Azur


  • Picnic and water bottle  (Day Students only)
  • Tennis or Dance Shoes
  • Comfortable stretchy clothes for dancing, no skirts.
  • Bag to keep lyrics etc.
  • Old ‘T’ Shirt for painting in
  • Towel and Swimming costume (NO SHORTS/BERMUDAS allowed, speedo style only for boys)
  • Towel and toiletries for residential students, bedding provided.


Girls:  Fish Net Tights (no stockings or hold ups), black dance or gym shoes, black hotpants (short shorts), black top

Boys:  Suit style trousers (no jeans), plain collared shirt, waistcoat (if possessed)

School Uniform:
White Long Sleeved Shirt with collar (ties provided), Light Grey School Skirt (girls) or Shorts (boys up to and incl. age 12, boys 13+ may wear long grey/black trousers), Knee length Grey or white Socks.  Black Shoes (these can be school shoes or gym or dance shoes). Uniform items can be bought relatively cheaply online from  M&S or UK Supermarkets: e.g. Tesco, Asda, often sold in ‘2-packs’ so think about teaming up with a friendAlso, local students possessing and able to bring a push scooter (trotinnette), please do so!